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Unique in the world and moored just off the coast of Waikiki and a quick five minute boat ride from Fisherman's Wharf KanDoo Island is the launching point for amazing fun and something for everyone!

From free water fun like swimming in our ocean pools to jumping on our big trampolines to snorkeling to manicures and massages to mai tai bars, tanning on the sundeck or ultimate parasailing at 1,000 feet and much much more, there is something for everyone off KanDoo Island!

Water Trampolines

Finally! A place where kids can be kids! Jumping and bouncing encouraged! Placed around KanDoo! Island and large enough to have lots of kids at once, the water trampolines are perfect for family fun

Sun Deck

The perfect place to lounge in between activities or all day! With views of Waikiki and Diamond Head, you'll never tire of the view. Relax with a casual bite to eat and a Mai tai or even treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure.

Snorkeling & Marine Guided Snorkeling

Snorkeling is one of Waikiki's most popular activities. You'll see fish, turtles and the clear blue waters of the Pacific. With the Marine Guided Snorkeling - KanDoo! marine experts wil take you through Hawaiian waterts pointing out fish ike the Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, and the different types of Butterfly fish. You'll learn about the reef eco-system and the unique role each of Hawaii's fish play there.

Jet Skiing & Parasaiing

You won't have to go far for full-throttle fun. Jet Ski where the action is: right off Waikiki Beach...just the place to give you the ride you want. Want to see Waikiki from new heights? Parasailing is for you! Tethered 600 feet in the air we pull you along the koast of Waikiki. Either alone or with up to two other people, this is an experience of a lifetime. Once you are up in the air, revel in the freedom of wind in your hair, with the only sound being your laughter. We do it better than anyone else!

Helmet Diving

Become a "diver" while breathing comfortable and never get your hair wet! Perfect for people who are nervous in the water, are disable or whose health may preclude them from SCUBA


Your own underwater motorcycle. Perfect for anyone who wants to see our beautiful marine ecosystem up at depths of up to 30 ft while breathing comfortably. You won't even get your hair wet! Perfect activity for those afraid of the water or physically unable to swim. See tropical fish, turtles, even an occasional reclusive tako (octopus).

Scuba Diving

Come out with your favorite dive shop or instructor. We'll put you on one of the great dive site off of Waikiki. Great wrecks, sharks, turtles, coral, awesome stuff! Want to Night dive? KanDoo! Every single night. Never SCUBA'd but you're curious? We'll put you in the water over a beautiful reef for Discover SCUBA course.

Ultimate Parasail & Ultimate Banana Boat
For thrill-seekers only! KanDoo! Exclusive! No one else does "Ultimate" like KanDoo!

Ultimate Parasail - Take a fast boat ride out to three miles from shore, then ly as high as 1,000 feet! On most days, you'll be able to see the islands of Molokai, Lanai and the entire southern coast of Oahu, Pearl Harbor and whales in season. On clear days you may even see Maui, Kahoolawe, maybe even the Big Island or Kauai! There's nothing like this anywhere on earth and it is definitely not for the faint of heart. The flight is at least 12 minutes, twice that o standard time elsewhere on island.

Ultimate Banana Boat - Fun and thrills for the whole family! Out there with the Ultimate Parasailors, experience a wild banana boat ride! Get some air on the waves as you o up to 20 MPH over the deep waters off of Oahu. You'll see Diamond Head, Koko Head and al of Waikiki. If you opem your eyes, that is. Don't worry, sharks don't like bananas!

KanDoo Safety

Safety is the number one priority for KanDoo Island. The ocean is a wonderous place but she is also the most powerful force on earth and demands respect. That's why KanDoo has taken extraordinary steps to ensure that your only worries are about whether you drink has enough ice or your camera is fully charged.

KanDoo has a dedicated safety staff that is always watching to ensure that your experience is worry free. Every member of the KanDoo! Krew is highly trained, licensed and experienced in their specialties. In addition, all onboard krew hold certifcation in: CPR, First aid and Rescue, AED (heart defibrillator) use, First responder emergency procedures. All of our lifeguards carry all of the above certification plus a minimum PADI certified rescue diver and can free-dve to at least 50 feet for 1 minute.

KanDoo! has also developed sophisticated technology to tell us where all members of your family are at all times and that they are okay. There is no more sophisticated or effective technology in any ocean sports business anywhere in the world.

The KanDoo! Way
Sustainable and Green Initiatives

KanDoo! loves the ocean and have seen what man can do to harm her if we are not careful to protect her. That's why wherever and whenever possible, we turn to ecologically friendly alternatives. Every engine that kan runs biodiesel or a biodiesel blend. KanDoo! is the largest consumer of biodiesel than any water-based activity in Hawaii. They re-use or recycle everything they possibly can. You won't find any paper or disposable plastic aboard any KanDoo! vessel. Even the food scraps are recycled as feedstock! KanDoo! conducts voluntary environmental reviews of our operations and share the results with the local green community to see where we can improve on our efforts.

Even our uniforms are made of eco-friendly materials whenever possible. Rather than neoprene wetsuits, which use petroleum producs and take thousands of years to return to the earth, we use limestone-based wetsuits. They cost a bit more, but they're worth it in our minds.

KanDoo! Kommitment

You will have lifetime experiences with KanDoo! They guarantee it. If not they will make it right. Or we will give your money back.

What To Know

FREE Activities (after admission):

Swim in the ocean pools
Jump from awesome deck platforms
Kids can swim in "kiddie" ocean pool
Snorkel from KanDoo! Island
Jump with your friends on water trampolines and other toys
Take a class from marine scientists or learn to tie cool knots from master seaman
Tan, read and relax on full-service sundeck with beatiful views of Waikiki, Diamond Head and the Central Mountains

Premium Watersport Activities - available with All You KanDoo! packages or ala carte:

Jet Ski
Guided Snorkel Tour
Helmet Diving
SCUBA Diving
Ultimate Parasail
Utimate Banana Boat
Ride out to see dolphins and whales when they're nearby
*Waikiki.com shall not be liable to any individual utilizing these tour/activity programs for delays, injury, loss, accident or damage to persons or property beyond its control. Natural phenomena are random and out of the control of the tour provider. Prices, features and/or menu are subject to change without notice.

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KanDoo! Island

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***A travel representative will send you a confirmation email along with tour/activity vouchers within 24 hours of booking. If there are any problems with your dates, we will contact you. There are no refunds for cancellations made within 48 hours of tour/activity, unless another cancellation policy is specified. No Shows are charged in full. If you have any questions, please click here to contact us. Mahalo!

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Doo! Eats & Drinks

Good Morning
Acai Bowl - Superfood of Brazil, acai topped with fresh berries and toasted coconut, or sliced bananas, organic granola ad honey.

Mixed Fresh Fruit Salad

Half Local Papayas

Fruit Smoothies: Mango, strawberry, banana, pina colada, raspberry or combination

Creamy Smoothie & Milkshakes: Cappuccino, chocolate, mango , strawberry, banana, raspberry with ice cream

Belgian Waffles

Toasted Bagel

Assorted Pastries and Muffins


Miso Soup

More Great Food

Kandoo Kreation: Spicy ahi poke (raw) and avocado chunks on a scoop of rice dusted with furukaku (also great as a wrap)

Plate Lunch: Teriyaki chicken, kalua pork or chili frank plate with 2 scoops of rice and 1 scoop of macaroni salad

Cheese Nachos

Hot Doo-g

Chili and Rice

Bread Bowls : Chili or New England Clam Chowder

KanDoo Kids

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

Hot Doo-g

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Sweet Sticky Rice Ball


Elvis' Favorite Sandwich : Peanut butter, banana and honey on Hawaiian sweet bread

KanDoo Burger : 1/3 lb of all American beef with mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion on a kaiser roll

Teriyaki Chicken Breast Sandwich : 6 oz. chicken breast with mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion on a kaiser roll

BBQ Kalua Piggu-Doo Sandwich : 6 oz. kalua pork topped with bbq sauce and purple onons on a kaiser roll

Veggie-Doo Burger : Veggie burger topped with a pesto aioli, organic greens, tomato and onion on a kaiser roll

Kandoo Klub: A triple decker of turkey, ham, and bacon with mayo, lettuce, tomato on white toast

Tuna Melt: Tuna melted wih cheddar on Hawaiian sweet bread

B.L.TooDoo : Bacon, lettuce, tomate and mayo on toasted white bread

Hummus Veggie-Doo Wrap : Hummus, sprouts, cucumber, organic greens, and roasted red pepper wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla


Caesar Salad

DooKobb Salad

Oriental Chicken Chopped Salad

Boat Salad

8" Flat Bread Pizza

Traditional Cheese

Cheese and Pepperoni

Gourmet Pizzas : Hawaiian, Kalua Pork, Veggie, Tuna Melt


Juices, Fountain Drinks, Energy Drinks

Well / Premium Liquor Drinks

Beer : Bud Light, Kona Long Board Lager, Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale Stella Artois

TOP 10 Specialty Drinks

My Kai (My Ocean)

Pineapple Crush

Blue Hawaii

Lava Flow

KanDoo Kooler

Hawaiian Iced Tea

Radical Rum Punch

Beach Action

Southern Sweetness



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