On Moloka'i you can do as much as you want...or nothing at all.

Come and share the beauty and abundance of this natural island paradise, where life moves at the slower, more gracious pace of another age.

The moment you step off the plane and take your first breath of pure, fresh Moloka'i air, you'll know you have discovered a special place. The cares and stress of the everyday world will begin to slip away.

The fifth largest and least developed of the Hawaiian Islands, Moloka'i is only 20 minutes by air from Hawaii's most populous islands, O'ahu and Maui.

Here there are no high rises...in fact, no buildings taller than a palm tree. Even the island's hotels and condominiums blend with the rural countryside. There are no shopping centers or fast food chains. And with virtually no traffic, there's no need for a traffic signal.

Peaceful and uncommercialized, Moloka'i rewards visitors with such scenic wonders as the world's highest sea cliffs rising majestically to meet the clouds along the north coast, one of the world's great wilderness regions; Papohaku, Hawaii's largest white sand beach, stretching three miles along the western coast; waterfalls cascading from nearly 2,000 feet to the sea; rain forests with plants and birds found nowhere else on earth.

Moloka'i's population, numbering less than 7,000, includes the highest percentage of people of native Hawaiian ancestry of any of the major Hawaiian islands. Because of their friendliness to visitors, Moloka'i is also known as "the Friendly Isle."

Moloka'i is an island where the past and the present mingle, where the traditions of the unique Hawaiian culture have been preserved and are yours to share.

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